We stand for making human rights a reality!

Established in Tetovo in 2020, we defend the rights of the people regardless their race, sex, nationality,
ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. We work on spotlighting abuses of human rights,
conducting research and enabling all citizens to have equal access to justice.


We educate citizens, especially the youth in the community about their human rights. We develop creative programs to help young develop through advanced training.

Protect & Defend
Protect & Defend

We work on spotlighting abuses of human rights; we work with institutions and monitor their work in order to be able to protect and defend human rights at all times.

Access to justice
Access to justice

Through providing legal consultations and legal aid, we want to enable every citizen equal access to the
the justice system, all these services are offered free of charge.

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A right delayed is a right denied!

We are Center for Human Rights

The Center for Human Rights is a civil society organization established in 2020, by a group of enthusiastic young human rights activists. The mission of the organization is to protect and defend human rights; increase awareness on this issue; and enable access to justice to all human beings.

We stand for making human rights a reality!


Be the change, you wish to see!

Driven by the idea that we can contribute for the better, and by the wish to have a stronger civil society, which really works for bringing positive change to society, we are undertaking innovative approaches to long-lasting problems! We will be the change, we always wished for in society.


As Mother Teresa said “maybe we are humans and we can do small things, but when we do them with a lot of love, we can really make a difference”

This is what our beneficiaries say about the work we do with lots of passion!

Center for Human Rights enabled me to do an internship with them. They are a positive team, always ready to help. Something that never lacks in the office is good humor, smiles and redyness to always help. I have learned a lot of things that are going to contribute to my studies!

Azra Z.

I contacted the Center to see if they could help me with appealing a document I received by the Center for Social welfare. The guys at the Center were very helpful, they were able to draft me the documents, they helped me print them. With their help I was able to submit an appeal.

Xhevat H.

I never knew that there are such positive people in our city. I am very glad that I got to be part of one of your activities, and I believe I always will be engaged in such activities. Center for Human Rights enabled me to be part of a court trial for the first time through a group visit they organized.

Jovica I.



Court Observations