8 women for 8 March!

The Center for Human Rights, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, has compiled a list of 8 women who during 2020 and earlier have contributed and been an inspiration to other women.

They have selected women from different fields who have contributed to society, whether in academia, medicine, art but also in any field of social life.

“Through these 8 figures that we have selected, we want to send the message to every woman and girl, about the strength we have as women, what we can do and what we can achieve. We want to motivate every girl to dream of tops through these 8 ‘role models’ that we have selected. “It was very difficult for us to select only 8 of the extraordinary women we have in society, but we as dogs who support and call for equality are sure that very soon we will be able to include more women in our fight for equality in every field.” stated in the statement of the organization.

Women selected by this organization:

Besa Arifi, Academic

He is characterized by eloquence and courage to address without fear even topics that are taboo in our society. Besa Arifi contributes to the academic sphere where she educates the new generations of lawyers. Her professional biography is rich with various titles and publications. Her very original nature and in-depth analysis of political and legal events are proof that the role of women in society is very important and precedes change.

Vlora Ademi, Entrepreneur

In the period when the IT world was just a dream for women from our country, Vlora managed to realize its dream by starting a business which today is very successful in the field of information technology. Recipient of several international scholarships and awards, leading business, initiatives and important positions. A woman who managed to emerge victorious in a predominantly male-dominated sphere, rated by global companies like Microsoft. Vlora is the woman who proves that dreams do not know about gender, but only about dedication and work.

Elita Ziberi, Singer

Elita is a multidimensional talent, she has grown on stage and with it her love and passion for music and her academic achievements in this field. Today she also contributes to the education of new generations as a music teacher. A strong and courageous girl, always ready to support and encourage women in society. As a person who believed and worked in her dream she encourages all girls to overcome the limits they set for themselves and dare to dream. Elite in addition to being a powerful voice of women in society she is one of the most beautiful and melodic voices of the country.

Aferdita Haxhijaha Imeri, gender equality expert

A well-known name, who for more than 20 years actively works in raising collective awareness of gender equality. She is the author of a large number of analyzes, reports and research at national and international level. Aferdita is one of the first women in Northern Macedonia who fought the mentality that degraded women from the front lines, above all a figure that proves that roles in society are not divided on the basis of gender but the will to work.

Frosina Ivanovska, Activist

A woman with a strong voice and a proven activist for women’s rights, a veteran of the civil sector. Frosina is an expert and trainer on women’s rights and gender equality. Through direct contact and psychotherapy consultations she has helped and treated women victims of domestic violence and helped you get away from the violent circle. A figure who is always ready to reach out to help, above all a woman willing to help other women.

Ana Koleva, Influencer

Ana can undoubtedly be considered one of the bravest girls in the country. She had the courage to publicly address the issue on which many remained silent! Ana is a girl with a fighting spirit who always fights for justice. She enjoys traveling, eating and living a healthy lifestyle. The concrete example that Ana gives to all the other girls shows how girls should never feel guilty about the things that happen to them in masculine society, instead they should raise their voices and say no to the injustices and crimes committed against them!

Besa Alili Bajrami, Doctor

Besa can be called one of the many heroine women who worked with the greatest responsibility in challenging times like today, where they fought the pandemic from the front line. Although professional and trained as a doctor, Besa has many experiences as a poet and in the world of media where since she was little she has led various programs, she has a passion for photography and to show the world through the lens of a camera. A young but professional doctor, above all a very humanitarian figure who is always ready to help.

Filis Ismaili, Influencer

Although raised in the western world, Phyllis has never been sparing to raise her voice on the issue of women and gender equality. She is an independent and courageous girl who loves traveling and social networks through which she actively contributes to raising awareness on various topics. Among other things, Filis is a manager in a Belgian company, where she completes her duties and obligations with professionalism and dedication. A girl who although young in age has managed to make a positive difference to many other girls and women!

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