All of our projects are focused on specific aspects of human rights. Together with experts, we develop our programs with aims that are achievable, measurable, and have a real impact on society.

Find out more, our most recent projects are listed first:

8 жени/девојки за 8-ми Март!

И оваа година преку симболичната кампања 8 жени за 8 ми Март, Центарот за човекови права од Тетово ја организира симболичната кампања за промоција на 8 жени и девојки кои придонеле многу на различни полиња за благосостојбата и подигањето на позицијата на жени во општеството.   “Жените/девојките се главниот столб на секое општество кои умеат…

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8 gra/vajza për 8 Mars

Edhe këtë vit, përmes kampanjës simbolike 8 gra për 8 Mars, Qendra për të drejtat e njeriut në Tetovë, organizon kampanjën simbolike për promovimin e 8 grave dhe vajzave të cilat kanë kontribuar shumë në fusha të ndryshme për mirëqenën dhe ngritjen e pozitës së gruas në shoqëri. “Gratë/ vajzat janë shtyllë kryesore e çdo…

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Online Campaign: None of Your Business!

There is a big stigma and stereotypes about several gender-related tasks, duties, or professions. In order to fight the general perception, we created an online campaign and several activities, describing that some issues are nothing more than personal issues and #NoneOfOurBusiness!

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Observation of Court Sessions

Part of our duty is to observe court proceedings and make sure, there is no violation of human rights inside our courts. Since September 2020 on a voluntary basis, our team members are following court sessions (both civil and criminal cases) and written reports on how local courts are treating cases in our country.

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Reaction: We condemn the discrimination towards children!

The Center for Human Rights condemns harshly the discriminatory act of the Primary School “Bashkimi” in Gostivar by the leadership of the School and the parents in protest against the student Ëmbla A. Every child has the right to equal opportunities in schooling and education, regardless of differences! We as a society should be a…

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North Macedonia ranks 87 out of 180 countries regarding corruption improvement

Each year, Transparency International measures global public sector corruption through the Corruption Perceptions Index. Northern Macedonia is ranked 87th out of 180 countries for transparency regarding corruption according to Transparency International. The state has an improvement of 4 countries from the previous year. Although the ranking has improved for 4 countries by 2020, according to…

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